Hello and welcome to Full90Gooner! Firstly I would like to start by thanking you for stopping by and looking at my content. It means a lot! I started this website a long time ago, about 4 years ago on the website Blogger. Since then this website/blog and podcast has grown. It is still growing and I am happy it has/will continue to grow.

I have learnt a lot over the years and have made tons of mistakes, but one thing is clear. I love doing this and I am going to continue to do it. With that being said this does take quite a bit of my time and cuts in on my family time with my wife and children. Not only that but up to this point, I have taken care of the costs to run this blog. Minus the charitable donations of a few generous people last year that enabled me to pay the cost of the blog.

I know that your hard earn money is a precious thing, this is why anything you contribute to helping me keep this going is appreciated 200%. I hate asking for money and I want to make it clear whether or not I get 0 donations from this and this completely flops, I will continue to create the content I bring to the table. I know that there are a lot of other Arsenal and Football based podcasts/blogs out there that are probably better than mine lol. But what I want to give as an experience is to be as entertaining as possible while giving quality content.

If you feel that the content I provide is worth while thank you for thinking it is, and if you liked to contribute that would be amazing. Thank you. There are two ways to help, Firstly there is by a one time donation which information and link below you can do that thru PayPal. Secondly, you can become a Patron links will be provided below.


You can send money via PayPal to

Logon to your PayPal -> Send & Request -> Choose “Send money to friends and family” Click next -> Send the amount you want to send.


You can also become a Patron on Patreon.

Follow the link -> Click on the orange button “Become a Patron” -> and simply chose your amount.

***Remember to provide us your twitter or some form of getting in contact with you to thank and feature you on the site***

All your donations will go towards, first and foremost Web hosting costs, Domain Name costs, SoundCloud hosting, finally if possible; upgrades to hardware such as better webcams for live shows and better headset/microphones for the team.

Thank you to all the listeners and readers for talking the time to give this content a chance and have helped it grow! Lastly thank to everyone for your help!

We Da Gunnaz!


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