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Full90Gooner was started several years back. At first it was a means to get my rants out there and soon after that it converted into a podcast. It soon grew to what you see today. Along the way I have met great people, even the ones that helped create this beautiful website which without them it would not look as slick and nice. Full 90 Gooner is not your standard Arsenal blog and podcast. I realize that there is a lot of them out there.

My main thing here is to be entertaining while giving you quality content. This blog may be about Arsenal, but I also like to incorporate the game in general. As it gives a wide range of input for not just Arsenal but the beautiful game itself. This is a forum so to speak where you can rant about anything as long as its football related. Here we don’t judge your opinions or your views, we respect them. We don’t get in depth into every single bit as other blogs and podcast do.

While that is part of it, its definitely not all of it. So if you like what you read or you like what you hear then you have come to right place. If you want to write and submit something that is itching at your chest, send it our way and we’ll give you a chance. This is a voice to the people if you want to call it that way. We may not have all the facts, we may not have all the stats; but we will give you a good laugh has always been my philosophy. So enjoy guys.

About Mario Rivas – Owner – @MNR_14


I am an avid Arsenal Football Club and Toronto Football Club supporter who loves to write my views and thoughts on the beautiful game of football. I started to support Arsenal as early as France ’98 where a young Thierry Henry was playing. I fell in love with his beautiful play and he instantly became my favourite player. When Arsenal signed him in 1999, I started to follow and watch their games. I also am a huge support of Toronto FC, as a Canadian living in the province of Ontario. When I heard that Toronto was in the bidding for an MLS Franchise, I was hooked.

I am the host of the Full 90 Gooner Podcast. I started the podcast about two years ago, but did not really take it seriously until 2015 when I started to have guests on the show. My inspiration for creating the podcast came from listen to big podcasters like Arseblog’s Arsecast, A Bergkamp Wonderland and Arsenal Review US just to name a few. So, I got an iPad and just started to record my audio. And yes I indeed said an iPad –  till this day I still use it to create them! So sit back and enjoy!

Arsenal Tie I die!”    

Full 90 Gooner Disclaimer – This site is in no way connected with Arsenal Football Club. The views and opinions expressed on this site belong solely to the staff of Full 90 Gooner. All comments expressed by individuals are those of the individual and do not represent our views on Full 90 Gooner. Please feel free to comment on any of our content, any feedback given is appreciated. What we say on the podcast is in no way out of disrespect or ill intent towards anybody, we do this in a comedic way.

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