We pause your regular Arsenal blog to bring you this news bulletin!

When you think about Toronto, Canada, what comes to mind? Some might say, a central hub for cultural diversity. Which you would be right, all walks of life come together in this city of 2 million plus people. Some disgruntled Maple Leaf fans would say that it’s a hockey city which is rich in history and who are champions in their own right with winning 13 Stanley Cups. But ones whose not won the Stantley Cup trophy since 1969, sorry Leaf fans.

Toronto is definitely a Baseball city as well, you may have heard of a little team called The Blue Jays, just maybe. A team who has won 2 World Series and who have made great leaps to become the Blue Jays of old as of late.

You may also have heard of the CFL and the Toronto Argonauts who are also champions with winning the Grey Cup (which is the equivalent to the Super Bowl on a much lower level). Then we come to Basketball, going back to 1946 with the Toronto Huskies. Whose recent seasons, have seen The Raptors become a constant force in the NBA and as being the only Canadian team at that.

srtfc16113027-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x724But No mention of probably the most watched sport in the world, football. Toronto being home to some of the most diverse multi-ethnic populations in North America. It was only a matter of time before MLS crept in our door. That finally happened in 2006. Toronto would announce that Toronto FC would become a true professional football team in the city. Yes, Toronto Blizzard were the first in the NASL which is now folded and no more. Going all the way back to when TFC was coached by Mo Johnston and with TFC legends Jimmy Brennan and who can forget the legendary Danny Dichio who scored TFC’s first ever goal on May 12 in the 24th minute. Whose name is still sung when the game hits the 24th may I add.

You had Canadian legend Dwayne Derosario who is TFC’s second leading goal scorer. It was not always bright for TFC however, it has been a long road of many low’s with few high’s. Low’s such as hiring Jurgen Klinsmann to assess the club and hire one of the worst managers the club has ever seen in Arron Winter. To the famous Dero mimicking the signing papers to prove that he was a designated player type which ultimately led to him leaving in my opinion. To high’s of signing now trash Jermain Defoe, Oh Man! Then came Sebastian Giovinco, arguably the best player TFC have ever had up to this point. His coming marked a new era for the franchise, along with Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley TFC would form a pivot with this triumvirate.

15284107_10154797484078887_7763465872435086559_nFast forward to November 30th 2016, a day that will go down in history. Not only for us TFC fans, but for the City of Toronto, and Canada as a whole. TFC and The Impact made history last night with an all Canadian MLS Eastern Conference Final. No matter how you saw it (eh-mhm, although I woulda been upset if TFC lost lol.) it would represent Canada in the MLS Cup final. In a country where hockey dominates all. I mean turn on to Sportsnet, which I call HockeyNet which shows more hockey heavily than any other sport in my opinion. Not only would this help our football in Canada it might, just might let us keep our bright youthful talent which in the past we have lost. The likes of Owen Hargreaves, Jonathan DeGuzman, Teal Bunbury and Asmir Begovic just to name a few.

This match was probably the best match I have ever watched for this club. Heck this whole two-legged tie was incredible. Montreal taking a 3-2 cushion into this match was huge for them. TFC only needed to win by 1 and keep the clean sheet in order to advance and given Montreal’s away record and low scoring we had it in the bag. srtfc16113027-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x724WRONG, WRONG! TFC love to do thing’s the hard way it seems. Going 1 nil down early in the match saw us climbing a mountain. TFC came up big though to end the half, going into the second with a 2-1 lead which restored our lead was amazing. Then the second half came, which saw the Impact equalize early to make it 2-2 which put them back in the driver seat. Enter Nick Hagglund who has not scored at all came up big to take the match into extra tiem as it was tied on aggregate. The extra time was all TFC, we saw 2 goals. The subs in Benoit Cheyrou and the Canadian International Tosaint Ricketts came up big and  all we were waiting for that final whistle. History was made!

Now TFC not only move into the MLS Cup but they will be hosting it as well. TFC will be playing against the Settle Sounders, in a game where TFC actually have a good chance of winning the whole thing. Can it actually happen? Can TFC win the MLS Cup after 10 years of some real low times? Time will tell, regardless of how this final ends I can not be any happier. Win or Lose TFC have far exceed my expectations and it doesn’t matter if they lose they have put Canadian Football on the map and if we manage to win the MLS Cup, we can truly say we are KINGS IN THE NORTH!srtfc16113056-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x722

We The North baby.