zp_21_1458What is up Gooner Nation! Well I totally F’d up the whole going to try and write everyday part. I don’t know how some other bloggers do it but man, man oh man have I been busy. Granted most other blogs have a team and collectively they produce the great content you guys read. Unlike the shit I provide you guys from time to time lol.

Man Oh Man Oh Man. How about that Barcelona vs Man Shity match eh? They actually pulled off an incredible win against what some may say is the best team in the world?!?! Wait a minute…Didn’t Arsenal play as well you may ask? Of-MothaFu$%in’-course they did!! Ladies and Gentlemen, what a match this was. I don’t think I’ve cried and gasmed so much in one match.icecube

Honestly though, I knew that this was going to be a hard earned draw or 3 points. Now I am so glad and happy that it was 3 points and not a draw. But once again Arsenal tend to find 3 points harder to get than they should. The fact that there were some defensive lapses by one of our main center halves is a little worrisome I have to say. I don’t want to get to negative here cause there are lots of fans out there that are, and I want to keep this as positive as possible. So regardless of how shitty Arsenal played last night you have to give the team credit. They managed to do something that we have not seen done in a while, and that is having the balls to fight, fight, fight and fight for a hard earned 3 points. In the past we all know that Arsenal tend, for the most part fall on their ass when conceding and only start to really chase the game late, late on in the match. To which at that point I say “Where the “F” was this during the last 30 mins??” zp_20_2040

Was it great to see us concede 2 quick goals? No! Of course not. Was I losing my shit? Yes! Of course I was, but Xhaka’s goal to answer back that last one from Ludo was a show of that fight, that tenacity to not buckle under the pressure. Which hopefully, if we weather the storm that is November, should help us to oh I don’t know…finally win the league. We have winners on the team no question about it and they are proving why they are an integral part of the team. It just seems to lift the boys up.


Giroud has been immense thus far and proves that resting him for this amount of time was the correct choice. He looks fresh and hungry for goals, which he is scoring plenty. 2 goals on the weekend and 1 midweek. Not a bad way to mount a comeback for the breaded legend. I truly hope that he can continue on this form and maybe just maybe prove to the masses why he is truly a striker that can rival those who are consider above his class.


This game also saw the return of A-a-ron (please tell me you know the reference!!) I know I can be a little on the negative side with him but he played well for his return to the starting XI. He of course provided the assist for Giroud’s second goal to bring the game level. I still do not think playing him on the flank is a good idea, there was way to many times that he was trying to cut inside and try to play through the middle. This is just me though so don’t hate lol. Keeping it positive here Gooner Nation!


Overall really happy with the hard fought game! Makes up appreciate it a little more I think. A true testament to never ever underestimate a team in any league. Now we are sitting pretty in first place in the group which is what we need. We have 12 goals for which is better than PSG who are at 9 goals. So we are looking good to finish top of the group, only us and us alone can ruin that and face the so called big boys. Only now though, I hope they realize that we are big dogs as well! Come on Arsenal!!!!

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By the way here is Özil’s goal again. I touched myself plenty last night. Enjoy!!

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