What is up Gooner Nation! before we get into today’s topic(s), I want to address something! This is totally non-Arsenal or football related actually…But…Did anyone watch The Walking Dead!?!?! CotDamn! I am not going to spoilers here in case you have not watched it, but man talk about an emotional roller coaster. I am very excited about the season ahead should be good.

Ok moving onto football related matters! Its EFLCup match day and we are facing Reading in this round. Should be an exciting match. Like a certain match which produced 12 goals, and Arsenal winning 5-7. Which by the way Theo scored a hattrick that game, can he deliver the goods again should he play? Let’s hope so. I expect there will massive rotation but I could be completely wrong like the Ludogorets match and AW will be playing a lot of key players.

I would like to see Martinez ahead of the norms of Ospina and Cech in goal, spice things up. Koss and Mustafi need a rest I think, as a matter of fact so does Monreal he looked a bit of pace as of late. I’d like to see Perez get some time out there as well, I think he at least deserves that. Giroud could also make his way on the game, well at least off the bench. Could also see Ramsey back on the pitch, and maybe resting Özil and Sanchez. Should be interesting to see. As always I will try and get a good stream at work ;).

In other football related matters, the FIFA Ballon D’Crap or FIFA Ballon D’Real, Barcelona, Bayern Munich + Other Clubs has release the list of players for nomination. You know your usual suspects are there plus probably the one that would win it either Messi or Ronaldo. You know it should really be Called Pick Ronaldo or Messi. There are some on here that surprise me though, for example Sergio Aguero must be there surly for the pure fact that his record for most injuries out of top players is the reason if so hands down the winner in my eyes. There is a 60 year goalkeeper, a fat ass in Higuain, the €90,000,000 flop in Pogba. Also surprising is Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. Ain’t gonna lie got nothing against those two noms, as they helped bring the EPL title to Leicester so props to them.

Let’s see who else on this list oh I see Kevin De F**king Bruyne like really?!?! Oh the asshole cunt that is Pepe another 60 year old in Zlatan but I ain’t hating hes cool. The fact that he was the best player for assists last season with 19 which was

6 better the second place in Eriksen for the Spuds
6 better than Messi for Barca
7 better than Pogba for Juve
5 better than Mkhitaryan for Dortmund

Hell he was the best assisting player last year. And for that he gets f**k all?!?! FIFA is a joke man! Not to mention Alexis who was the 3rd best overall rated player behind just wait… Mahrez and Payet WHO ARE ON THE F**KING NOMINATION LIST!!!! MIND BLOW. If they are on this list than so to should be Alexis. he was the 9th best player when it came to Player Goals/Team Goals as well. Kane was number one should he be there? Same for Lukaku. F**king Giroud was 6th FFS so he should definitely be on this list. But guess what they are not, and why you may ask? I couldn’t nail it for sure but it could very well be that FIFA is shit and are nothing more than Money crazed shitheads. Anyways that is it for me, what do you all make of this garbage, do you even care about this anyway?

#WeDaGunnaz #PeaceOut

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