What is up Gooner Nation! Happy Friday! So glad its Friday for one its the beginning of the weekend, two its Friday Night Footy for me and thirdly Arsenal play on Saturday. Speaking on my footy for a sec. Quick update, after speaking with Matt from GoonerInCali.com we finally won a game last week haha.

You may be asking yourselves “Man how shitty must be this guys team?!?!” to which I would answer very shit! We have no defense and when we do its only one guy against three attackers plus me the goalie. Now for most of the time I am able to either save it or thank the heavens that the other time just shoots awful.

But there are times when they are just to good and one defender plus me does not cut it. In any case tonight we play against the top team in our division so expect a full comprehensive match report.

Now onto AW’s presser. As far as team news, Santi could be out for this game.Apparently he got a knock on Wednesday’s match. I didn’t notice, plus I started the second half late. Other than that Ramsey is still out with Giroud could make the bench but only slightly. Danny Welbeck could be back for January but nothing is for certain.

In terms of Mesut Özil contract talks, AW said that he continues to check in with him nothing else was said. AW was asked if him staying or not may decide for Özil, AW stated that it should not be. This is probably coming out after it was said that Özil was stating that it depends on AW staying or not. But of course these are probably just papers trying to sell a little more. So there you have it. Team news summed up. Now its just waiting for the match! #COYG!


#WeDaGunnaz #PeaceOut

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