What is up Gooner Nation! You may or may have not noticed that I did not post anything yesterday. The day was filled with crazed events happening all over work. Especially a damned fire drill that went alright, but took way to much of my time.

That all did not matter once 2:45pm EST came around. Yes I was still at work but that doesn’t mean that I could not stream and watch the match at the same time ;).  Barcelona may have had an impressive win over Manchester City, but it was Mesut Özil and Arsenal who stole the show and headlines last night.

Yes non Arsenal fans might say “ya well don’t get to comfortable it was only Ludogorets…” Well for one Ludogorets actually played very well against Arsenal last night and even gave us some scares. But one must see past the “it’s just a small team” and really look at the way Arsenal moved the ball around, the interlinking play, the flow, it just all made sense.

If we continue to play this way, it could be the season we finally break that drought. I hate it how the media always writes Arsenal off and even as going far as to not include us in the potential teams to win the league. Like ffs Spuds are in that category for some reason, they are fu$%king unbeaten and still behind us in the league!!

We have not lost a game in the last 11 matches in all competitions. We are the best team in the league right now for defense and attack. That is due to a complete unit from front to back. Not only that but we are the best team in the last 6 matches getting a perfect 6 wins out of 6. Writing us off?!?! I don’t think so! We are mounting a run for the title baby.

Here are some of yesterday’s amazing images of that 6 – 0 thumping!



Arsenal FC v PFC Ludogorets Razgrad - UEFA Champions League


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