What is up Gooner Nation! Today is Monday and if your anything like me, well then you absolutely hate it! Didn’t feel like I rested at all as me and the better half did some major cleaning downstairs. This was part two of two. This weekend we battled the infamous storage room. I am happy to say that we defeated their dreaded armies and come out victorious. Other than that it was pretty much business as usual.

Speaking of victories, Arsenal came out victorious as well. The match was a little edgy but for the most part a job well done. If you haven’t listened to the podcast I did with Ryan yet click here to go listen to it. Great little listen as we discuss the game in detail. I am not doing a recap here. What I am doing is an old post style that was introduced by someone that used to work with me on the blog. It was an awesome column, so thought I’d bring it back. I am titling it “Arsenal Through Pictures”. Giving you my take on some of the match day pictures that I thought were awesome, powerful or just spoke out. By the way about the podcast, if you managed to get through it lol, stick around for after the outro music I thought it was funny haha.


I would say the first 15 minutes of the game, Arsenal were just damn near perfect; making sweet play’s combining very well with each-other. As Deadpool would say “I am touching myself tonight”, and rightfully so. Nothing was more awesome than Theo scoring and getting off on the right foot against the Swans. After scoring his second goal the shear passion he showed in the above picture is amazing. After having some what of disappointing seasons he is really enjoying his football this time around and so do us fans. Let us hope that he can continue this fine form.


Sticking with the scoring boy, is it just me or has Mustafi brought a form of awesomeness to the squad? I mean his antics and funny ways of expressing his feelings has been a joy to watch. Just look at the way he is celebrating, picking up Theo and giving em a ride while slapping that ass. I think this helps the overall dressing room comradery. I think Mustafi bring that childish mindset of goofing off. I know that others do the same but I’ve just noticed it more since Mustafi has come to the team.


Not only was this an awesome win for the club it was also an awesome one for Mesut Özil who was celebrating a birthday! and he sealed it with a dosey of a goal. The volley, the technique, and composure was absolute class. Arsenal must try so hard and keep this guy, I don’t have to say it but its time for Arsenal to get back to the top. Showing these players that they mean business and intent. Anyway, you can also tell how the crowd is just staring in aw and if you look closely, a lot have their mouths open in anticipation of whats to come.


There is always to sides to the coin, in this match’s case a good and a bad one. Ryan and I had a long good discussion on this red card that was giving to Granit Xhaka for the bad tackle on Barrow. And after much debate I have to say that Ryan was right, it was a smart tackle by Xhaka. Not only that but indeed it should have been a yellow card or how Ryan mentioned that Arsene Wenger stated it should have been the orange card. This picture here is interesting to me, look at Arsene Wenger. I wonder what he is thinking at this exact moment without the ability to see a replay and saw it first hand. Was he pissed at Xhaka for such a stupid play? Was he always under the impression that there was nothing malicious in the tackle that warranted the red card being giving?


Finally my favorite one of the entire game. What an epic picture. The big ass canon flag with Theo and Alexis in the foreground is absolutely amazing. The fans cheering in the background is awesome as well. I can only dream what it would be like to be there when Arsenal score a goal. Truly a moment to cherish.

#WeDaGunnaz #PeaceOut

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