What is up Gooner Nation! It’s Thursday and you know what that means? Its one day closer to the weekend full of football. More importantly Arsenal football! Before I get into the AW presser, did anyone see the Diego Maradona and Juan Sabastian Veron little scuffle? laughingI mean come on, you both are old men, playing for a charity. Have some class. Not to mention that the reason for the match was to promote peace. Well that certainly wasn’t the case here. If you see the video it doesn’t even look like Veron tripped him. Just looks like Maradona fell on his own and making a complete theatrics about it. Anyways a link to the article will be linked below if you want to look into it.

Right, the Arsene Wenger Presser, like you haven’t already heard or read it from the other billion Arsenal blogs. But lets pretend that I am the only Arsenal blog and your coming here for all Arsenal things…Ya Right! HA. Naw seriously though if you have seen it yourself then you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t then listen, skip the first maybe 3 to 4 minutes as the dumbass reporter kept on talking to AW about the England squad and the interim manager in Gareth Southgate.

arsenepissedThis shoulda been AW’s reaction. Besides speaking about the English Arsenal players, buddy boy asked him what his thoughts were about the way Southgate was coaching! Like Really?!?!?! Screw off with that sh!t this is about Arsenal not England. Then they get into the nitty gritty. Team News! Giroud and Ramsey will not be playing on Saturday as well as Carl Jenkinson. On the bright side of things Coquelin is back and available for Saturday’s clash against the Swans. Ozil is fit and there shouldn’t be any reason why he wouldn’t play so no worries there. AW also goes on to talk about Ramsey and his disappointment on his fitness because he stated that he has been working very hard. Let’s wait and see how long Ramsey takes on getting back. Glad to see he is not rushing him back and waiting for him to fully recover. That is the good thing about having such depth in the squad at the moment.

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Full Arsene Wenger Presser:

Link to Maradona vs Veron haha:

VIDEO: Maradona and Veron have bust-up at Pope’s ‘Match for Peace’, but what started row?

Till the next blog. #WeDaGunnazPeaceOut

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