What is Up Gooner Nation!! Firstly I’d personally like to thank each and everyone one of you who have taken the time to listen to the Full90Plus with Andrew from Arseblog. It means a lot to me, not only that but you have officially made it the most listened to episode.

You know listening to him and how you gotta be consistence on the content you put up on your blog if that’s the route you want to go. Is something I want to strive for moving forward. Don’t get me wrong this is the most I have ever been active on a blog and frankly I love putting in the work. And just providing you all with this content which has grow significantly over the last couple of months.

Anyways, last night as I was getting into bed I do what I do every night and do my nightly rounds on Facebook and Twitter. For the most part its usually in-taking all the useless garbage that people are posting. I do follow a lot of football and Arsenal pages and “love” seeing some these pages that put up bogus articles of “Big Midfield Star Just Dropped Major Hint at Moving to Arsenal” or “Arsenal Star Stalls Contract Talks ahead of Move to Real Madrid”200wTo which I usually react with eye rolls. Like come on be real for a second and think of what your posting. This type of crap on the internet is enough for me to shut down my phone and head right to sleep.

Then you get to see some awesome news. As I kept scrolling, yes I continued despite me being totally pissed. I came across Petr Cech holding up a Guinness World Record certificate. So I clicked on it and read that he received the world record for the most clean sheets ever in the Premier League. Cementing his place in history…well…until its broken again. The previous holder was England international goalkeeper David James. According to Guinness Cech broke this record on the 28th of December 2015 when he reached his 174th clean sheet against AFC Bournemouth. Now Cech is at approximately 181 clean sheets which far surpasses James’ 169. Not only that but Cech has managed to do this in just 374 appearances compared to James’ 572 appearances.image

But wait! There’s More! On top of winning the most clean sheets, Cech has also won the Golden Gloves record with Two Clubs. Those clubs are of course Chelsea and Arsenal. It honestly feels amazing to know that our club employs the best goalie in the Premiership. Cech has done wonders for the club and I have no doubt in my mind that he will play an integral role for many more seasons. So here’s to you Petr!! Cheers!

Here’s the record holder himself, Enjoy!

Till the next blog. #WeDaGunnazPeaceOut

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