What is up Gooner’s! As the title of this post suggests, yes indeed important football resumes this weekend. As many of us really do not care much for an international break especially so early in the season and with many team’s including the only important one, Arsenal are getting into full swing. Not only that, but the fear of players getting injured is always in the back of our minds.

Anyways’s the international teams I support in Canada and El Salvador are out yet again of the World Cup qualifying round. I guess I will have to wait until both of my countries can once again attempt to qualify for the 2022 WC. Its truly a damn shame especially when ES was involved in yet another money scandal. Although I am happy to say they went through it like professionals and basically told them to go F*#K themselves. As far as Canada goes, well they have more prospect and “first world” status to improve but they are far from it. We need a lot more funding to create a great national program and we have to try and keep our class talent here. Losing players such as Hargreaves and De Guzman was a bad trip. Anyways back to The Arsenal.

I am not much for watch international football, I just do not have the time. Not only that but here in Canada hockey is what dominates and if it ain’t the EPL or La Liga on, then not much international football on TV. As long as our boys come back health and ready to go is all I ask. Seems like that will be the case as a full round up can be found here. Overall I am just happy we are back this weekend against Southampton. Stay tuned for a Match preview podcast this week.