Hey what’s up all you Gooners, all you Goonerettes, its your boy Mario coming at you with another report. So for the sake of keeping everyone sane, I think the report will be every other day, that way it will give you time to read and enjoy or hate it depending on what tickles your fancy. Also it will give me time to gather relevant and exciting news from the world of football! with that, lets get in to it.

Of course we all know that today is sort of a judgement day for the Gunners as we take on the powerhouse that is Bayern Munich at the Allianz. I for one am on the “we have to get a result” outta this game as I want us to compete on all fronts. I do not want to finish third or fourth as I believe that would be a step in the wrong direction. Let me know what you guys think, do you care about Europe? Or should we just focus on the league?

So for today’s first news tad bit, is our transfer window rumor of the year Karim Benzema. Seems like the French International is back at it with another sex related topic. DAMN! This time its over an alleged sex tape blackmail with an unidentified French international midfield player. Who could it be? Is more intriguing to me haha. Seriously guys, who do you think it could be? Hit me up with your say. I think it is Samir Nasri, even though he hasn’t been part of the French national team for a long time.  I just say that cause he is a traitorous bastard haha. Anyways back to the article, it goes on to say that former France and Liverpool front man Djibril Cisse was also questioned but was quickly release with no further action. Apparently this all happened when the France team gathered back in October, which begs the question as well; is there a rift in the national team? It would be interesting to see this story develop as the weeks come along.

In a bit of awesome and funny news we have a dude whose full name is the first 11 of the 1991- 92 championship winning Leeds team. Like talk about fully committed parents of this guy! I am not gonna lie, I always told my wife that when she was pregnant with my daughter who I thought was a boy, was going to be named Thierry, but it was quickly shot down when I did not see the man goods hahaha. Anyways, this guys full name is Dominic Andrew Lukic Newsome Fairclough Whyte Dorigo McAllister Batty Strachan Speed Chapman Cantona Cazaux. Like damn, except for his first and last name all the others are the first 11 of the Leeds team. The real kicker is that Leeds is not his first team of choice when it comes to supporting a football team, its actually Arsenal. Dominic states in the article that he initially chose The Mighty Arsenal as a way to rebel and it sorta just stuck. For me that is the best part, this is a really fun and awesome read as always the article links will be below.

And with that, this has been another Mario Report. I hope you guys have enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing it. Our main focus for today is of course the big match. With Bellerin out, this will be the perfect opportunity for Debuchy to finally step up and prove his worth especially if he wants to make the France team for the Euros next year. Also it will be interesting to see if Joel Campbell gets the start on the right as I am sure it gave Le Boss something to think about after his amazing performance against the Swans this past weekend. I, for one hope Campbell gets the start as I have been saying for a while now I fully back and support my fellow Central American and want him to do well as I know he has the skill and class to be a big part of this Arsenal side.

Thank you reading and remember We The Gunnerz!!