Well, well, well. It has truly been a while since I wrote something on my own blog. I have been busy to say the least, well at least there is way better content on blog then what ever I could produce and that is due to some amazing writers. Been crazy hectic with life, work, podcast, trying to start a t shirt business. Just have been all over, but I have decided to also put back focus on my website after all; I started this way back with the intent of writing down my thoughts; not just on Arsenal but on all things football.

The website has grown significantly since I wrote my last post. Since then I have an editor in Catherine who has done an amazing job on running the site and blog, her column “In Pictures” is an excellent piece and look forward to it every week! The podcast has grown as well from just being me to having a plethora of guests including Omar, Drew, Varun, Varre and Luka all of which play a part of Full90Gooner! With that, I’d like to take the time to thank all them because without them I would not have imagined this site taking off the way it has. Thank you guys!!

Now with all that being said I am coming down to, as Nacho Libre would say “Let’s down to the nitty gritty”. So I present to you “The Mario Report”, which will be hopefully a daily post on my thoughts on little news tad-bits that I find on the inter-web that look interesting enough for me to share with you all. So here we go!

First up we have a news article from ESPNFC written by of course the world famous

Damn Hector has a sick hairstyle!
Damn Hector has a sick hairstyle!

Arseblog man himself Andrew Mangan. (Links will be down below in case you would like to read them) He goes on to talk about Hector Bellerin and what a revelation he has been for the club! I couldn’t agree more with this, his contribution to this club has been immense. Lets take for example this past game against the Swans, where their forward, Gomis was clear on goal and for Bellerin to track back running like his life depended on it was instrumental in preventing Gomis from scoring a goal. Lets not forget that our Goalkeeper Cech was also a key part in this play, but the fact that any other player would have just stopped and said “well we’re screwed!” Bellerin took it upon himself to say “No I’ve got to at least” says a lot about a player who has not even played 50 games in his pro career as the article stated. I, for one am glad that he has been a breathe of fresh air to this new force of a defense we have. So to you Hector, I say cheers, and keep up the good work!

Next up on the report we have Mr. Robert Lewandowski talking a little trash. This article I found was on Goal.com. Lewy talks about how he has failed to find the back of the net in recent games for the mighty Bayern side, to which I say relax Lewy you have 22 goals in 15 games in all. I think your doing ok!! Despite all of this though coming from an Arsenal prescriptive, this is good news for us as we look forward to a massive clash at the Allianz tomorrow. I don’t like however the fact that Lewy said he would like to break this drought of goals against us. That is not good news to any Arsenal fan but we have one of the best defenses although some would argue that it has been terrible in the last couple of CL matches, but in the last of our 5 matches we have only let in one goal and that was against Everton. So I say bring it Lewy, we got the Boss and BFG!

And finally our last bit of news, also coming from Goal.com is of course the Chelsea fiasco. I mean geez where did it all go wrong for this club?!?! Frankly who cares?! What I do find funny is how good old Cesc is being slammed by the media for supposedly leading this revolt against Mourinho as the article states. Whats more funny to me is how garbage they are doing this season, from going to a force last year and winning the league with virtually no resistances to now being 15th in the league. I hope this saga continues to be honest because its always funny when a rival is doing worse than us and I hope that Mou keeps this job up until our clash with them in the league and we beat them which I hope at that time puts the nail on the coffin on Mou’s job at the Bridge!  Until tomorrow, this has been “The Mario Report”.