Hello fobloggers-wantedlks, we are calling all bloggers and writers. We are looking for a writer or two to write regularly on the blog! I have gotten really busy in the last couple of weeks and therefore I am looking for help. So here’s what we are looking for, If you love Arsenal or football in general and would like to write for us, then we are looking for you. If you are enthusiastic and can write then we are looking for you!

We will feature your articles on the blog and broadcast it to the world via Twitter and Facebook. What you need to do is email us at full90gooner@gmail.com, submit a piece and we will pick 2 or 3 and ask you to write for us on a weekly basis or when you can! So its kinda like a contest!

The rules are that the piece you write must be yours and yours only, it cannot be copied from anyone else. It has to be original and of course about the Arsenal or football in general. You cannot put any derogatory materials such as racial, a person’s gender, sexual creed, religion, etc. You know the drill be nice and keep it about football and the Arsenal.

That’s pretty much it, please submit it to us and we will pick the best ones. You have till the end of June to get your submissions in and we will pick them the first week of July! Thank you to all who take part and who are interested! writers-wantedEmail us for more information!