Here are my top 10 players:


At number 10 and the first of two Dutch players its non other than the Pitbull! Edgar Davids. I didn’t 
really notice him till France 98 where he was a BEAST and got that late winner against Yugoslavia and got the Dutch team through to the next round.


At number 9 is the Brazilian Romario de Souza Faria better known as Romario. One of the best strikers to ever come out of Brazil. I first watched Romario play in USA 94, that was also the year I was fully introduced to the beautiful game! Growing up he was one of my favorite players along with Roberto Baggio, these two players single handily made me love this game and made me want to start playing it!


At number 10 is a home grown Canadian born and TFC legend, yes I am talking about DERO! Dwayne DeRosario is a Canadian legend man, he is probably one of the best players to ever play in the MLS. His best playing days are undoubtedly at Houston Dynamo where he won the 2007 MLS Cup and was named MLS Cup MVP. When it was rumored that he would be a TFC player I was super excited. In 2008 he was announced as a TFC player and I was buzzing.



At number 7 is the Phenomenon, yes I am talking about Ronaldo (Brazil). Another one of my fav’s from France 98, this guy was a beast, to bad he had that medical issue and kept him from playing but still managed to score 4 goals. It wasn’t till Korea/Japan 2002 where he took Brazil back to winning ways and won the tourney and he won the golden shoe as the top goal scorer. What more can I say, what a legend!

Ronaldo Brazil


At number 6 is the Italian god that is Roberto Baggio! Like I said with Romario, these two are the reason why I love this game and why I started watching and playing the sport. Baggio is also the reason why, when I played I wore the number “10” every single time. It wasn’t until a certain French striker by the number “14” came along and he became my number 1 a little later though! Baggio was my hero through USA 94 and I was a big Italian fan and was routing for them to win the whole tourney. It was never meant to be though 😦 as that famous penalty miss of his that went sky high, lost the final for him and Italy.



At number 5 is probably someone you may or may not have heard of, but back in my native El Salvador he is the best and most legendary player of all time. Let me know if some of you have heard of him! He is El Salvador’s favorite son, Jorge Alberto Gonzalez Barillas better known as “El Magico” (the magic). He is the only player on here that is before my time and probably the one I would have loved to watch the most. My dad tells me stories about him playing and how he and the legendary ES blue and white team of 1982 went to the world cup. Interesting read on him through Wiki, is that if he was Brazilian or Argentinian he would have been amongst best in the world…Bitch he is ranked as one of the greatest in the world. Maradonna said it himself he was one of the best, so I go with that!



Coming in at number 4 is the first of three Arsenal players (of course, hello I am an Arsenal supporter). The famous number 10 of the Gunners, Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp. He is the epidimy of an Arsenal legend and another of my favorite number “10’s”. I remember watching him play in USA 94 and in France 98 where he scored a memorable goal against Argentina in the final minutes to win the match.

Dennis Bergkamp


At number 3 is the second of three Arsenal players and the only player from Spain, yes it is Cesc Fabregas. A Gunner legend and probably one of the most saddest transfers in Arsenal history 😦 All Arsenal fans cried when he left to go back to Barcelona. You know it must have been extremely painful for him to leave as he was being interviewed and was crying, true god and respect to him. Will never be mad at him for leaving.



Now number 2 and 1 are very, very, very hard for me. They are both French gods, but the France number 10 has to go down as a very close number 2. My boy nicknamed “Zizou“. Zinedine Zidane is one of my all-time favorite players ever, a French legend and a Real Madrid Galactico, hero of the famous 1998 and 2000 French champions in the World Cup and Euro Cup. Maestro of the ball and a beast at volleys this guy was the best and would have loved to see him play for the Arsenal. Nothing beats the famous head butt seen around the world against Marco Materazzi of Italy in the 2006 World Cup final in Germany haha, love Youtubing that.


My Number 1 favorite player of all time.

The King, Titi, King Henry. Theirry Henry! This sexy beast is the reason why I started to support and love the Arsenal, this guy is legendary, a king amongst kings in the soccer world. He has won everything Champions league, Copa del Rey, La Liga, the EPL, FA Cups, Euro Cup and the World Cup. Arguably (well according to me anyways), as the best player to ever come out of France. Although you can argue Zidane and Platini are contenders as well, but he is my favorite player so ya!


So there you have it I hope you enjoyed my top 10, let me know what you think and let me know who your top 10 players are.

Honorable mentions I have to give out are Zlatan the beast Ibrahimovic, David Villa, Sergio Aguero, Jens Lehmann, Michael Ballack, Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil, Laurent Koscienly, Per Mertescaker…Ok so basically the whole Arsenal team, this is getting outta hand!